A Wind turbine to that goes anywhere
A Wind turbine that fits' in your van or truck
A Wind turbine to power your off-grid cabin
Charge your electric bike by the water


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Making outdoor and off-grid wind power at places and times when the sun doesn’t shine!

Power your gear

Connect Wind Catcher to a power input port on your portable generator and start charging the battery bank. The portable generator can power or charge your gear! Wind Catcher is compatible with most portable generators - see technical info and compatability here.

How to use Wind Catcher

How much power do you need?

Below you can see how much power a Wind Catcher will produce exactly where you want to use it! These are averages for an entire year - day and night. The wind map is specifically made for Wind Catcher using the turbine performance data combined with wind data from Global Wind Atlas. We also included the option to see how much energy 4 mobile solar panels would generate based on data from data from Global Solar Atlas. Click on the top-right corner to change layers.

Map Color Bar legend Power usage examples of electronics devices in Watts and Watt-hours.

Ultra Light Weight

The Wind Catcher uses strings to hold all the forces in the structure. Inspired by kites. This means the wind turbine is 10 times more material efficient. This make shipping, handling, transportation, anchoring much easier and it’s better for the enviroment!

Power Per Mass

Setup in 15 minutes

The Wind Catcher is degined to be very simple to setup and comes with detailed instruction. The setup can be done in just 15 minutes.

Get updates

We want to make clean power accessible to everyone - also places and at times when the sun doesn't shine! Getting the turbines production-ready and achieving economies of scale is the next big step. We just launched on Kickstarter in early 2020. If you sign up we will keep you posted on new developments.

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