Kenya research trip - November 2017

Kenya is one of windiest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and is famous for pioneering mobile technologies. It’s a fairly easy country to operate in for English speakers and there is a large Danish presence. It’s estimated that about 30 million Kenyas doesn’t currently have access to electricity at home and it’s one of the leading countries in terms off off-grid technologies and adoption. Kenya Wind Map

The trip in pictures.

Solar PV store inside Nairobi.

Kenya Wind Map

Reducing the use of char coal within Kenya could be beneficial in many ways. Char coal is an expensive fuel source (but requires little upfront capital), it’s polluting locally and is currently leading to deforestation.

Kenya Wind Map

We meet with Climate Innovation Center which is a government funded organisation promoting renewable energy use in Kenya.

Kenya Wind Map

While we did definitely identify a need for remote off-grid energy, then it does seem like there could be other market where the technology could be more advantageously put to use.