Airborne Wind Energy Tether Designer

The Tether is one of the most critical components of the airborne wind energy system. The requirements are

  1. Large tensile load
  2. Flexible enough to be wound up
  3. Transfer considerable power
  4. Aerodynamic
  5. Low mass
  6. Low maintenance

This combination is unique to airbone wind energy and therefore the tethers the tethers has to be developed specifically for this task. Base on previous work, then we have made a interactive designer using analytical expressions and an iterative approach solves for an optimal design.

Embeded Designer

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Inspiration / Sources

Based on the method described in appendix A of F. Bauer, R. M. Kennel: “Fault Tolerant Power Electronic System for Drag Power Kites”. Submitted to “Journal of Renewable Energy” (Hindawi), 2017. PREPRINT Bauer research (link to a PREPRINT PDF)

Source code

The source code is available at It’s published under MIT License. We want to encourage collaboration on the development of airborne wind energy.