Fixed wing kite 001 Video clip

On the 1st of November 2016 we managed to carry out the first successful (controlled) radio controlled flight of a fixed wing kite. Check out the video link above.

The goal of the prototype were to gain of an understanding of the basics mechanics of a fixed wing kite. With a few iterations we arrived at this design, which proved controllable. Most notably we added a lot of vertical wing area to the main wing in order lessen sideslip while in crosswind fight.

Control The kite were controlled with a FrSKY transmitter / reciever system and had a 2 channel communication link. One channel to control the rudder and one for the elevator. While a plane typically also have ailerons, we decided to fix the roll of the aircraft with the tether mounting in order to reduce the complexity of the first test.

Build technique: The wings are build from EPP foam, cut with a hot wire and covered in tape. To add strength to the wing two flat carbon fiber spars is used to add strength to the wing. The fuselage is a 10 mm carbon fiber rod. Connecting parts between the fuselage and wings, servos and electronics is made with 3D printed ABS. As inspiration for the design of the tail section we look at Experimental Airlines (youtube channel).